Conversation Dental treatment Grrek turf Roman cistern, Crete, Greece. Micro church. Glass ash tray Cretan road train. Artist in Grek harbour. Girl on Greek beach Rain in Crete Venetian olive press. Abandoned TV. Woodburner log delivery. Street salesman. Venetian building in Rethymno Old Town Venetian gateway, Retymno, Crete. Cretan man in café Stonemason at work. Red rose. JCB driver concentrates. Fruit and veg salesman. Child feeding geese in Crete. Mushroom growing on the beach. Leaves floating on the river. Souvladitiko Kitten. Chicken (live) on table. Distant phone call. Dressmaker's dummy. NEW Gallery 16 - 30/08/17 Crete Photo The island and its people

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